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Third Edition of the Warcraft Olympics
on: July 09, 2020, 07:27:43 PM

Host: VimpGaming


Welcome everyone to the third edition of The Warcraft Olympics. We've upped the stakes & we're excited to bring you this event.

Competitors will be playing 3 different custom maps from the community's picks namely:
  • Custom Hero Survival    [FFA 10 players]
  • Pokémon Legends           [FFA 10 players]
  • Stronghold Wars              [FFA  8 players]

To participate YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST sign up using the google form. The information shared will remain anonymous. Here is the link:

P.S. Message to the Streamers & YouTubers: this link serves as a neutral point of contact to link the community with the event. Use it as you wish to create an announcement on your social media if you wish to participate.


(Warcraft Olympics Art - Dragolord)

Date: TBA on the 8th of August by vote results.
Duration: Estimated between 4 to 6 hours.
Prize pool: 150$ Subject to change if we receive donations.

The Warcraft Olympics

The concept is simple, you will be given Tournament Points based on your performance during those games. These points will be accumulated throughout the event giving you the possibility to win the prize & ultimately the title of Warcraft Olympics Champion.

You each have two attempts at each FFA discipline to accumulate as many points as possible. This is the point system:
  • 1st place:      3 tournament points
  • 2nd place:    2 tournament points
  • 3rd place:     1 tournament point
May the games begin!
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May The Force Be With You! & Have a wormTastic game!


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