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Footmen vs Grunts 5.6.1 Alliance Mega Strategy
on: August 02, 2020, 01:51:54 AM

I am back with a new strategy, not for Night Elf, not for Human, but a mixture of both.

It is based off of Korean Dryad cancer, but I have tinkered with that basis to produce a build order that will not only get you a 10k gold unit (Wardens or War Golems) at or before 30 minutes, but also allow you to get the other 10k gold unit before 40 minutes without upgrades wasted.

It is an extremely expensive build, but with the right timing, is a build that is very very powerful.

0.5 - If you have one leaver on your team to start the game, research the Gold Upgrade for your Footmen.

1. Great Summoner Hero (alternative: Fire Lord)
The Great Summoner is really only good for one thing and that is early gold gain. Purchase the Great Summoner and get those Lava Spawns and Water Elementals into action, they will get you decent gold and pressure in the early game.

2. Purchase Druids of the Talon, Purchase Dryads. Research Meditation to Max. Research Abolish Magic.
With the combination of your mana summons, armor debuff, and the decent damage of Talons in their normal form plus Dryads, you have the capability of doing a lot of damage.

Starting now is when you decide on SELLING your Great Summoner, as after enough levels, he will give you back a decent amount of gold. When you sell your hero, you will also be looking to buy the aura items for Devotion and Brilliance. These items are key for giving even the smallest amount of surviability to your spellcasters when they get hit as they have no armor and help maintain their sustain in battle. My two choice of Heroes are a combination of two of the following: Unholy Aura, Trueshot Aura, and Endurance Aura.

3. Purchase Sorceress. Upgrade Sorceress trainings and Armor for Footmen. Research Evasion for Dryads (if necessary, sometimes its not).

These 3 main units, Talons, Talons, and Dryads, form the crux of your army with mass debuffs. Faerie Fire, Slow Poison, Slow will shut down enemy armies easily and will boasts offensive power to rack up kills. Should the enemy employ very heavy melee units like Fel Orc Raiders, Taurens, Abominations early, they can be shut down with Polymorph. (So yes, you do need to micro your Sorcs)

4. Purchase Archers and Ranged Upgrades, Upgrade Attack to 6.  OR - Purchase Glaive Throwers and Upgrade Attack to 6.
This purchase is purely supplemental for additional ranged damage and if you have the gold. I would take archers if up against a lot of air, especially Destroyers. Otherwise I would take Glaive Throwers. They truly do supplement a lot of damage but they aren't necessary, and should be ignored if you aren't gaining gold at the pace you want to be at.

5. Purchase Maidens/ War Golems.
Start at the 20 minute mark of the game is when you should start saving for one of these two units. It is up to you which one you want depending on the state of the game.

6. Purchase alternative 10k gold unit.

7. Purchase Hyppo Riders, Gryphon Riders, Flying Machines.

This build is extremely expensive, however, because of the timing and tempo of each of these purchases, you are able to afford respective upgrades rather easily. You can't start with step 4 and expect to execute this build, and you can't start with purchasing Dryads  before Talons either to execute this build.

Questions: Isn't this Race Mixing? Isn't that the worst thing you could do in Footmen vs Grunts because of the inefficiencies of upgrades?
Spellcaster mixing isn't Race mixing, and it's the spellcasters that actually are the base of your army. Meditation benefits all spellcaster units. You are using Footmen for your primary fodder unit because they have decent survivability and don't feed, but the purchase of Archers/Glaive Throwers is solely supplemental and if you have the damage. They aren't the crux of your force. At the time of purchasing your 10k unit, you have both the armor upgrade required for War Golems, and you also might have the ranged upgrades for Wardens, so either choice you also can not go wrong. And what about the final step of buying air units? Isn't that Race Mixing? It is, except these units are also supplemental. At the point of which you purchase these units you're really only needing to upgrade their armor, which is cheap, and they are there to serve as your Air presence.

This build is not wholly effective against:
Destroyers - Players who micro Destroyers will constantly eat up the debuffs and potentially tear your spellcasters apart. Purchasing Snap Goblins and Archers however, will reduce the severity of Destroyers.

Siege - Your spellcasters are all Unarmored armor. Enemies who use siege to focus on your spellcasters will hurt, but it's nothing some Micro can't solve.

This build is extremely good not just for its high gain, but because it DOESN'T FEED. The only thing that is really dying are your Footmen. Everything else you are able to run away safely and easily because your opponents are slowed up the wazoo, not to mention that with max meditation upgrades, your Spellcasters are nowhere near as squishy as Archers or Riflemen. They are quite survivable.


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