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This topic is the discussión abut the type string. You can see all the information about this type keyword HERE.

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[types] string
on: August 10, 2020, 12:56:31 PM

JASS strings are represented inside "" (example: "example") , there are 2 null values for strings, "" and null.

Strings in JASS may contain carriage returns without causing any trouble.

Localized Strings

Using TRIGSTR_ at the start of the string might make the game read a string from the wts file, for example: "TRIGSTR_001" will be replaced by the game with the string number 1 of the wts file.

Only a few natives will consider the TRIGSTR_ preffix, usually the natives that handle text messages or names are the only ones that consider this.

Control Characters

\n\r Represents a carriage return, you can choose between using a single carriage return or just this control character.

\" Allows to include quotes inside strings, using \" is the same as using a single " without closing the string.

\\ Allows to use the \ character, because a single \ is used for control, whenever you use \\ the game considers it a single \ , if you only place a single \ it may cause a compiler crash.


|cAARRGGBB Will change the color of the next text of the string , AA is alpha, RR is red, GG is green and BB is blue. The colors are used in hex values, example: |cffcc1100

|r Will reset the color of the text back to normal.

|n New line, equivalent to carriage return, but this might not work correctly on some natives.


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