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This topic is the discussión abut the function AddGuardPost. You can see all the information about this function keyword HERE.

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[functions] AddGuardPost
on: November 27, 2020, 09:38:12 PM

This marks a spot at point (x,y) as a guard post and a unit of unit-type id(rawcode) will be guarding that spot. The spot will remain empty until the function FillGuardPosts() is called, after that the specified unit will go to guard that spot. If the unit is killed another one will replace it. However, this process is not unlimited, by default, the unit is replaced 3 times but if the native SetReplacementCount(N) is called in the AI script the unit will be replaced N times. Note that if this is used on heroes they will be trained only but will not go to the post.


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