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This topic is the discussión abut the function PreloadGenEnd. You can see all the information about this function keyword HERE.

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[functions] PreloadGenEnd
on: April 11, 2022, 08:56:17 PM

Writes the current Preload buffer to filename.
The first and final preload directives are call PreloadStart() - call PreloadEnd( realTime ). The value represents the time in seconds between the calls PreloadStart() and PreloadGenEnd(). There's no way to get this value with the API.

Does not clear the buffer or timer after flushing. The file is overwritten. Max length for filename is 259 characters (see: MAX_PATH). It's possible to specify subfolders: "myMapFolder/file.txt". Any other tricks such as relative paths, UNC or drive letters will not write any files.

Before Reforged (which version?) you needed to enable "Allow Local Files" in registry.

Save Path:
Reforged: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Warcraft III\CustomMapData\
Classic: ?

Example preload file:
Code: [Select]
function PreloadFiles takes nothing returns nothing

call PreloadStart()
call Preload( "units\\human\\Knight\\Knight.mdx" )
call PreloadEnd( 2.5 )


See: Preload, PreloadEnd, PreloadStart, PreloadRefresh, PreloadEndEx, PreloadGenClear, PreloadGenStart, Preloader
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