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Battle of Xia Pi (Lu Bu's Army) v1.0 No New Posts Warcraft III Maps

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« Created: September 15, 2022, 01:16:16 AM by Pashafenko036 »

Battle of Xia Pi (Lu Bu's Army) v1.0
on: May 09, 2022, 10:18:48 PM
Version: 1.0.0
Keywords: Dynasty Warriors, Three Kingdoms
Play Mode: Single Player
Category: Assault, Defense, Role Playing (RPG/ORPG)
Tilesets: Cityscape, Village
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 1
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: May 09, 2022, 10:18:50 PM by tobdeg »
« Last Edit: May 09, 2022, 10:51:47 PM by tobdeg »

In this fast-paced scenario battle map, you take command as a warrior of The Three Kingdoms in Lu Bu's army against the allied army of Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Can you change history and triumph against all or will history repeats itself? You decide!

Victory Condition
Cao Cao is defeated.

Defeat Condition
Lu Bu or player Dynasty Warrior is defeated.

Playable Dynasty Warriors
Lu Bu
Diao Chan
Zhang Liao
Gao Shun

* Custom terrain and models.
* Custom skills for all playable Dynasty Warriors.
* Enemies defeated sometimes drop powerups and occasionally items.
* Scenario missions and events that will tilt the battle in your favor or the enemy.
* Adjustable difficulty setting.

Protip: Select the captain near any of Xia Pi's gates to open it. The open gate will close again in 5 seconds.

Special thanks to Goblin-Boblin for creating the original map, I just refined and polished it!


v1.0: Initial upload.

Generic Units Models
Private - ?
Guard - sylvanas12
Archer - sylvanas12

Lu Bu's Army Models
Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors 6 by Koei Tecmo) - ?
Diao Chan (Dynasty Warriors 6 by Koei Tecmo) - Lingliming
Zhang Liao (Dynasty Warriors 6 by Koei Tecmo) - XiaoMai
Lu Lingqi ( Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends by Koei Tecmo) - anims by x10azgmfx
Chen Gong - Mr.War3
Gao Shun - ddahe(?)
Wei Xu - ddahe(?)
Song Xian - ddahe(?)

Yuan Shu's Army Models
Yuan Shu - Mr.War3
Yuan Yao - ddahe(?)

Allied Army Models
Cao Cao (original anims by Black_Stan) - ?
Xiahou Dun (Dynasty Warriors by Koei Tecmo) - ?
Xu Zhu (Dynasty Warriors 6 by Koei Tecmo) - XiaoMai
Guo Jia - ?
Liu Bei (Dynasty Warriors 6 by Koei Tecmo) - ?
Guan Yu (Dynasty Warriors by Koei Tecmo) - ?
Guan Yu Mounted (Dynasty Warriors by Koei Tecmo) - Lord_JiangWei
Zhang Fei - ?

Item Models
Meat (Haunch) - HerrDave
Liquor (Cider) - HerrDave
Coins (Gold Pile) - HerrDave
Battle Axe (Item Short Axe Throwing Axe) - Lord_T
Battle Armor (ChestHumanItem) - Pyramidhe@d
Wei Tou Sky Boots (Icons to Models Pack - BootsOfSpeed) - KAIL333XZ
Divine Helm (Icons to Models Pack - CrownOfKings) - KAIL333XZ
Seven Stars Blade (Some Custom Items Pack - DivineRapier) - KAIL333XZ
Pouch - ripped by ThatTrueStruggle from Nintendo, Re-modeled and animated by Athur_12A2
Red Pouch Icon (BTNINV_Misc_Bag_10_Red) - Blizzard Entertainment

Buildings Doodads
City Hall - XiaoXinMet
Housing - XiaoXinMet
Marketplace - XiaoXinMet
Command Tent and Tent (War Tent (WotR)) - HerrDave
Wall - !!GORO!!
Mansion Gate - Kitabatake
Halo Tree - Fingolfin
Grass1 - eubz

Intimidation Aura (BTNBattleRage) - -Berz-
Enraged (BTNSymbolOfStrength) - -Berz-
Red Hare Icon - Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI by Koei Tecmo
Seduce (BTNBTNSilence) - KelThuzad
Mortal Blow (BTNSwordStrike ) - -Berz-
Strike Vitals (BTNCRHeartStrike) - CRAZYRUSSIAN
Formation Breaker (BTNBreakingSmash) - PeeKay
True Speed (Sprint) - Wildfire
Hero Challenger (BTNPolearm) - -Berz-
Ambition Aura (BTNCrystalRaven) - Blood Raven
Divine Helm Icon - Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends by Koei Tecmo
Seven Stars Blade Icon - Dynasty Warriors 7 by Koei Tecmo
BTNRallyPoint Green Recolor Icon - tobdeg
Last Stand Icon (BTNcrHOLYllllcharge) - CRAZYRUSSIAN
Fury Gauge Icon (BTNWrathS) - San
Fiery Stomp Icon (BTNLightStrikeArray) - BETABABY
Demon God Descent Icon (BTNWarCry) - PeeKay

Missile\Effects Credits
Intimidation Aura (Domination Aura) - Direfury
Intimidation Aura Debuff (Disarm) - Mythic
Blazing Musou (Fire Nova) - JetFangInferno
Heightened Senses (Duel) - Infrisios
Fiery Stomp (az_cwlava_t201) - AZ
Charm Aura (Violet pulse Aura) - Malvodion
Charm Aura Debuff (Fall in Love buffeffect) - Kuhneghetz
Seduce (Heart particle) - Jaccouille
True Speed (Windwalk) - Mythic
Mortal Blow (Massive Punch Effect) - arnelbigstonepd33r
Strike Vitals (Fatal Wound) - cotd333
Formation Breaker Aura (Teamcolored pulse Aura) - Malvodion
Formation Breaker Aura Debuff (Armor Penetration / Stimulus) - Mythic
Ambition Aura (Royal Aura) - Blood Raven
Benevolence Aura (TimeAura) - JetFangInferno
Enraged Buff (Burning Rage) - Mythic
Red Hare Buff (Windwalk) - Mythic
Last Stand Buff (Chivalry Buff) - Shardeth
Demon God Descent Buff (Demonic Adornment) - Antinous
Demon God Descent Effect (bossbirth) - ?

User Interface
Panda UI by unwirklich

Audio Credits
Dynasty Warriors 6 - Lu Bu's Theme - Omega Force

Other Credits
How to add Hero Glow without Modeling - supertoinkz
Physical Damage Detection Engine GUI v - looking_for_help
GUI Knockback 2.5D v4.2.5.0 - Bribe
Warcraft III Viewer
War3 Model Editor - Magos
Button Manager v1.8.2 - Shadow Daemon
koei.fandom.com for its comprehensive wiki.
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