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JetCraft 1.2.3

Created by Sourc[e]x
February 04, 2017, 10:30:48 AM

JetCraft 1.2.3 patch notes:
  • Game:
        - Fixed an issue with multiplayer achievement models rendering outside frame.
        - Added mouse wheel support to the multiplayer achievements menu.
        - Minor bug fixes.
  • New Challenge Maps:
            - Fort Volcano (Easy)
            - Frozen (Medium)
  • Editor:
        - Fixed an issue with the item search label being cut off.
        - Fixed an issue where connect mode could be engaged without any tiles selected.
        - Fixed an issue where the entity UI wasn't updated when shift-offsetting a single tile.
        - Fixed an issue where the entity data wasn't reset when shift-offsetting tiles.
        - Fixed an issue with entity model facing resetting when shift-offsetting tiles with entities.
        - Exposed -loadinternal#, -loadtutorial and -loadcredits commands to load internal levels in the editor.
  • JetScript:
            - Added a new event: Player Collects Item.
  • New functions:
                - object ItemFromName(string name)
                - void ActivateAllTilesWithItem(object player, object item)
                - bool GameIsTestMap()

JetCraft 1.2.2

Created by Sourc[e]x
January 22, 2017, 03:41:48 PM

Primarily a maintenance patch to fix up most of the issues introduced with Legacy of the Void and later updates.
This new version can only be obtained via the launcher for the time being.
JetCraft 1.2.2 patch notes:
• Game:
    - Fixed an issue with texttags not displaying.
    - Fixed an issue with the scorescreen progress bar texture not rendering correctly.
    - Added mouse wheel support to the challenges interface, script editor and editor item list.
    - StarCraft 2 error messages are now hidden.
    - Added new music.
• Editor:
    - The unit highlight cursor is no longer displayed when hovering over the editor grid.
    - The editbox in the script editor will now automatically gain focus when a new line is selected.
    - Fixed an issue where white squares would appear when scrolling the item list.
    - Centered the parenting button labels.
In addition, I've also patched up the launcher.

Jetcraft 1.0.0

Created by Sourc[e]x
November 24, 2014, 08:15:56 AM

1.0.0 - 01 May 2014
• Game:
    - Replay saving has been enabled.
    - Added a checkpoint system to multiplayer games.
    - Added a quick guide to the multiplayer menu.
    - Text tags can no longer display during level initialization.
    - Fixed a minor issue with the tile reset function.
    - A lot of static text fields has been prepared for eventual localization.
    - Checkpoint items will no longer be created in multiplayer games.
    - Player teleport cooldown duration has been increased to 20 seconds.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - The Cellar (Easy)
        - Detour (Easy)
        - Lift-off (Medium)
        - Classic Four (Hard)
        - No Time To Explain! (Insane)
• Editor:
    - Empty (null) items are now selectable from the item list.
    - Worked some more on the documentation.
    - Fixed an issue where deleting a level could result in several duplicated and empty levels.
    - Interface has been further improved.
    • JetScript:
        - Fixed an issue with missiles only colliding with player 1.
        - Added a player spawned event for multiplayer games.
        • New functions:
            - void MissileSetCollisionIgnorePlayer(object missile, object player, bool ignore)
            - bool GameIsMultiplayer()
            - void ModelDisplay(object model, bool display)
• New Items:
    - Turret
    - Grass Patch (Decoration)
    - Grass Patch (Background)
    - Grass Surface End (Left)
    - Grass Surface End (Right)
    - Grass Surface End (Both)
    - Ventilation (Horizontal)
    - Ventilation (Vertical)
    - Iron Panel (Dark)
    - Iron Bars (Background)
    - Stone Wall
    - Stone Wall Surface
    - Stone Wall Background
    - Stone Wall Window
    - Stone Wall Top
    - Stone Wall Archway (Top Right)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Top Left)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Right)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Left)
    - Stone Wall Archway (Top)
    - Stone Wall Right
    - Stone Wall Left
    - Stone Wall Door Right
    - Stone Wall Door Left
    - Stone Wall Door Up
    - Level Exit (Stone Wall)
    - Stone Pillar
    - Trigger Initializer

Jetcraft 0.9.0

Created by Sourc[e]x
November 24, 2014, 08:11:48 AM

0.9.0 - 03 March 2014
• Game:
    - Added multiplayer co-op mode.
    - Added multiplayer achievements.
    - Updated game code to support multiple players at once.
    - Snow now reduces the player's movement speed and reduces fall damage as originally intended.
    - Increased jump height slightly.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would spawn at a checkpoint when restarting from the scorescreen.
    - Fixed an issue where the player could retain the properties of the last tile of the previous level.
    - Improved the texttags displayed from items.
    - Built-in levels using JetScript has been updated to use the updated player functions.
    - Touched up old assets.
    - Heavily optimized entity code.
    - General code optimization/maintenance.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - CGSOURCE (Easy)
        - Rock Avalanche (Medium)
        - Utter Insanity (Insane)
• Editor:
    - Improved level compression algorithm. Custom levels will now be MUCH smaller in filesize.
    - Level loading and saving is now faster.
    - Undoing tile changes is now faster.
    - Implemented a multiplayer emulation option in test games.
    - Interface updates.
    • JetScript:
        - A lot of functions have been changed to support multiple players.
        • New Functions:
            - object EventPlayer()
            - object Player(int index)
            - int PlayerGetIndex(object player)
            - bool PlayerIsPlaying(object player)
            - const int MaxPlayers()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetMaxJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackFuelConsumption(fixed amount)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackFuelConsumption()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackFuelConsumption()
• New Items:
    - Red Bricks (Surface)
    - Dark Stone (Surface)
    - Emitter Pad (Left)
    - Emitter Pad (Right)
    - Emitter Pad (Up)
    - Emitter Pad (Down)
    - Emitter Pads (Horizontal)
    - Emitter Pads (Vertical)
    - Boulder

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