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Function CameraSetEQNoiseForPlayer

Line: 1484
Location: blizzard.j
Constant? no
Type: function
Arguments: player whichPlayer, real magnitude
Returns: nothing


Extra spaces may have been removed from the original file to show the function in a comfortable way.
  1. function CameraSetEQNoiseForPlayer takes player whichPlayer, real magnitude returns nothing
  2.     local real richter = magnitude
  3.     if (richter > 5.0) then
  4.         set richter = 5.0
  5.     endif
  6.     if (richter < 2.0) then
  7.         set richter = 2.0
  8.     endif
  9.     if (GetLocalPlayer() == whichPlayer) then
  10.         // Use only local code (no net traffic) within this block to avoid desyncs.
  11.         call CameraSetTargetNoiseEx(magnitude*2.0, magnitude*Pow(10,richter),true)
  12.         call CameraSetSourceNoiseEx(magnitude*2.0, magnitude*Pow(10,richter),true)
  13.     endif
  14. endfunction
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