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Function GetUnitY

Line: 2978
Location: common.j
Constant? yes
Type: native
Arguments: unit whichUnit
Returns: real


Extra spaces may have been removed from the original file to show the function in a comfortable way.
  1. constant native GetUnitY takes unit whichUnit returns real

Information about GetUnitY

Information contributed by City17
on February 22, 2022, 09:18:57 AM.
returns Y map coordinate of whichUnit (alive or dead). Returns 0.0 if unit was removed or is null.

Quote from: Lep's Jassdoc
Bug: If the unit is loaded into a zeppelin this will not return the position of the zeppelin but the last position of the unit before it was loaded into the zeppelin.

Since unit extends from widget, you can use widget-related functions too.
See: GetUnitX, BlzGetLocalUnitZ, BlzGetUnitZ,GetWidgetX, GetWidgetY
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