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Type gamespeed

Ancestor type: handle
Children type(s): None
Location: line 51 in file common.j
  1. type gamespeed          extends     handle

Information about gamespeed

Information contributed by City17
on February 26, 2022, 05:07:39 PM.
Represents a game speed option at which the map can run. There're five predefined settings, but only SLOWEST, SLOW, NORMAL can be set and used. Setting FAST or FASTEST will automatically set it to NORMAL instead (v1.32.10)

Warcraft 3 game speed setting:
Menu NameGame constantSpeed10 seconds is:
High (default)MAP_SPEED_NORMAL1.0x10s

Functions that takes type gamespeed

native SetGameSpeed takes gamespeed whichspeed returns nothing

Functions that returns type gamespeed

constant native ConvertGameSpeed takes integer i returns gamespeed
constant native GetGameSpeed takes nothing returns gamespeed
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