Power of Corruption

An altered melee game for Warcraft III TFT expansion


The war has been declared. Prepare your army to crush the opposing side in epic battles in war struck lands. In these battles, it does not matter if you are a spell-crazed Naga or a malevolent Demon; you won't have any chances of peace, only death and ruin will prevail.

What's Power of Corruption?

Power of Corruption is an altered melee style map for the Warcraft III TFT Expansion which features two fully-customized races: The Naga and the Demons. This project, which started in 2006, was previously known as Naga Wars and in that time the Naga race was the only one playable. As time went on, ideas, criticizing, and suggestions began to shape a whole new race which was then formed from nothing to what it is now: the Demons. This race was developed from scratch in order to put more innovation and replayability in the altered melee map genre, and also to provide challenge to the Naga which are overpowered in comparison with the standard races in Warcraft III. -As time passed by, the map has undergone improvements in various ways to keep the project clean and fresh. It’s now 100% made in vJASS and features fine, innovative spells, abilities and characteristics for each race which, hopefully, will give the melee style game a fresh air.

Game Features

Devotion points are points obtained when the player kills enemies (note: creeping does not give devotion points). This resource can be exchanged for gold or lumber, or saved and accumulated enough to get a semihero unit at your command.
Typically, this feature has only been available through neutral buildings, but in this project, these units can now be trained by the player. They do not just serve their original purpose, they can also vary the gameplay by providing a lot of micro management, for these units can also be used to protect other units by utilizing their high resistance against attacks and bonus abilities beneficial to the player’s army.
These unique and special units can be trained by the player; they possess the ability to cast portable shops with items designed to provide the player’s heroes or units in an area items helpful in and out of battle. These units can also see hidden/invisible units, making them a key element in the player’s strategy.
These special units are the gifts that the players obtain for having a good and efficient army. They are called semiheroes for their skills (strength superior to normal attack units + 4 useful skills) and are summoned when the players become ‘greatly devoted’ (reach 1000 devotion points). The Naga have a Naga Royal Guard and the Demons have a Doom Guard.
Each race will have a passive ability for all their organic units unique to them which gives them certain advantages in battle.

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