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Footmen vs Grunts / FvG - Bugs/Ideas
« Last post by wTc[JediMaster] on February 17, 2019, 01:12:50 PM »
Please keep posts related to the current publicly hosted version:
Footmen vs Grunts 5.05
Hero Push / HP - Bugs/Ideas
« Last post by wTc[JediMaster] on February 17, 2019, 01:05:50 PM »
Please keep posts related to the current publicly hosted version:
Hero Push 3.7
Warcraft III Maps / Hero Push
« Last post by wTc[JediMaster] on February 17, 2019, 10:35:31 AM »
Version: 3.53
Keywords: Hero, Push, wTc, HeroPush, HP, Hero Push
Play Mode: Multiplayer
Category: (AoS) like Dota or LoL
Tilesets: Sunken Ruins
Players: Minimum players: 8
Maximum players: 8
Rating: 0
Warcraft III Map
« Created: February 17, 2019, 11:04:10 AM by moyack »
« Last Edit: February 17, 2019, 04:45:18 PM by wTc[JediMaster] »
Hero Push 3.53 Public Version.
Hotkeys: QWER ASDF YXCV - based on German KB.
CMDs: -cam xxxx (3000 is preset) -afk (1 full control, 2 movement)
Setup: 2v2v2v2. 1 Hero & autospawning units 20% is controlable.

Red & Blue Vs Teal & Purple Vs Yellow & Orange Vs Green & Pink

1 Team in each corner of the map, battles in bases and on the 4(8) lines.

At the start there will be a vote of All Random Heroes + 1 -repick
or Singel Draft 1(2) of 4 randomed no repicks.

Heroes start with 3 Items: (3)Scroll of Town Portal (Instant TP to your base for hero only)
Enhanced Amulet +5stats & Boots of Speed+40

After you have your heroes your first objective is to kill your Hartog Worshipper (The starting creep). You start at Tier 0 with militas.
Tier 1 (T1) cost 1000
Tier 2 (T2) cost 1350
T3 2250
T4 4000
T5 10.000
On T5 you can also open the Sky Portal 7000 for a racial air unit.
You can pick one of the 8 races and swap to another race on the same tier as your currently on:

Human (Y) Racial upgrade: Sofistication: 5dmg, 1armor.

Orc (X) Racial upgrade: Berserker Strenght: 5dmg, 80health.

Night Elf (C) Racial upgrade: Improved Range: 5dmg, 25range.

Undead (V) Racial upgrade: Frenzy: 7% attackspeed, 15movement.

Naga (F) Racial upgrade: Deep Sea Magic: 70mana, mana-reg.

Demon (D) Racial upgrade: Blood Thirst: 3dmg, 3%attackspeed, 5movement, 30health.

Blood Elves (S) Racial upgrade: Sunwell Essence: 4dmg, 40health, 40mana.

Beasts (A) Racial upgrade: Beastly Rage: 4dmg, 4%attackspeed, 5movement.

Upgrades: Dmg (Q) each upgrade increase the total dmg of 8% 15 upgrades is the max without the upgrade Forbidden Damage. which enables 15 more for a total of 30.
Armor (W) upgrades increase the total armor and the magic resistance.
Life (E) increase the total health.
Racial Upgrades (R) Boost your main units and all extra units you have that gains from that upgrade as seen on tooltips.
(All hotkeys are based for when you have your main base selected)

Extra spawns: you can have up to 5 in total extra spawning units from Centers. Those from the Mercenary Center are units that work for every race, the other units from the Training Center works best with the race for whom have the same racial upgrades.
You also get the Stolen Contract that enables you to get 1 extra mercenary for 6 in total. So at max you can have 8 units spawning.
1 Main, 1Racial air, 6mercenaries.

There is depending on how you view things 2 ways to play.
1: Going units e.i. you focus on making your units stronger.
2: Going hero e.i. you focus on making your hero stronger.
Doing both will just make both weaker then your enemies.

There is of course alot if difrent playstyles and you can twist your gameplay each game however you want, however your hero matters even if you dont spend any money on it. For example if you have an Trueshot aura you should prob not go for a race with only or alot of melee since they will not gain by your aura.

Quest Log (F9) Have alot of info, explaintions & tips.

Current Version also Hosted on:
wTc_HBot1 on all BNet servers and several others like:

ICCUP, w3arena, Mambu, Garena,,
and some I might have forgotten.

/whois wTc_HBot1 on BNet for current gn.

On other non Bnet servers IDK how to Search for games/bots/hosts.
(If someone can tell me plz do and I'll add it here too.)

Known bugs on current version:
The Item Doomhammer, when a hero is killed with it it gives way more gold then it should.
(good for test games tho since you dont have to wait so long for all the gold.)

Are those Videos we made with Gagoo.
And where wTc[Dragon] Plays with him and explain the map.
Are sevral other videos too.

Welcome! May you have a wormTastic game! GL & HF
May The Force Be With You

(Hero Push = The Force)
Warcraft III Maps / Footmen vs Grunts
« Last post by wTc[JediMaster] on February 10, 2019, 06:45:36 PM »
Version: 5.05
Keywords: Footmen, grunts, battle, clan wTc, wTc
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Co-op (Cooperative)
Category: Defense
Tilesets: Icecrown
Players: Minimum players: 6
Maximum players: 10
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
(Wednesday, 06 February 2019 19:21)
Changelog 5.04 and 5.05:

Shaman Purge: Range 700->1000
Copter: + True Sight
Lalulo: Ultimate: added 10% chance to suicide
Demon Lord: Death Strike
Rabbit: Bash -> Hit
Inner Fire/Bloodlust: Duration 90->60s, Mana costs: 40+0 -> 40+10
Kick command: Cooldown 180 -> 60s
Immolation, Lvl 8: 230 -> 120 dmg
Marines -> Space Marines + Immunity
Draenei Demolisher: Faster CD
Life Drain, Mana Siphon: DMG-/MP-
Scout: Same behaviour as Spirit Wolves, disappears when casted again
Selling Heros: Gold-, the next new hero will get a XP boost
Talisman of Life: 500HP/500g
Amulets of Int/Agi/Str: +15/10/12
Brigand/Raider/Skeleton Orc: 1800->1400g, 1800/1800/1750->1400/1400/1350hp
Hidden Wall bug: Fixed
Zeppelin: Send Items: Decreased range, +Mana costs
Added Random Hero Shop
Frost Wyrm: Freeze 5s -> 0.5s on buildings
Pandaren Elemental: Level 3+4: AS: 1.5 -> 2.0, HP: 5000->4000/7000->5500, MS: 300
Sapper: Start Stock Delay: 180s->300s
Sniper: No minimum attack range, MS: 220->320
Removed Sheep from Random Heroes
(Fix) Armor of Gods: added +200DMG
(Fix) Double hero bounty
Towers: Added attack damage to towers in the back


5 beta:
I am sorry but I cannot provide all changes, because I forgot them or never wrote them down. Since it took so long for this update and lost some of my notes...
This version has big changes, but I hope they make the map better/different.

###Changes regarding spawn units and upgrades:
Rearranged all units and upgrade position, some upgrades changes the building
Spawned units: REMOVED Spellbreaker, Spirit Walker and Banshee (not related to Possession bug, I just read about it afterwards)
Shaman: Purge: -> AoE Purge (Replacement for Walker)
Shaman: Bloodlust: 15%+5% for AS and MS (MS was less than AS before)
Necromancer: More HP, Mana, Mana regen through upgrades. +2 def.
Skeleton Mastery: Also adds 30% magic damage reduction to Necro+Skeletons.
Skeleton Longlivity: 100+100 -> 100+200 HP (+applicable to Orc Skeleton)
Cripple: +Range, -Mana costs (Replacement for Banshee)
Knight: New upgrade: Galopp
Fel Orc Raider: New upgrade: Slam
Destroyer: Devour Magic: ->500 summon damage (replacement for Walker)
Gargs: Added Stone Form upgrade
Artillery upgrade: Moved to Tower
Improved Bows: 300->400g
Devotion Aura (Bandit Lord): 9->8 def, 300->600g
Renuncation Aura (Abo): ->600g
Summon upgrade: 100+150->200+200, also increases hit points of summons
Shaman & Priests: Changed upgrade system of Inner Fire/Bloodlust. First level is available by default.
Increased many upgrade costs in the Upgrade Center

Added Battle XP system: If one unit-type kills a enemy unit, it gains xp based on the level of the killed units. Leveling up gives damage and hp. It is valid for all units of this unit-type -> all Footman get the upgrade not just the killer.

Hero bounty: Hero bounty depends now more on the hero level and less on the Gain of the Owner: 100.00 + (Level * 20.00) + (1% * Gain) for normal heroes
Bounty: Heroes gain 25% less bounty for killing units compared to unit-unit-kills. Hero-hero-kills are not affected.
XP rate: Increased XP rate for all heroes
Endurance Aura: +1%/level
Archimondis: Nerfed hero stats, hp and damage. Nerfed Chain Lightning, Replaced Bash by Animated Dead. We will see how this figures out. Buffed Spirit Beast. Idea is to make Archi != Win
Furion: Changed
Blink: +CD, -Range, +Mana
Rabbit: Some nice changes, lets see how he works out
Wizard: 6k->12k gold and 0->3k wood costs. medium->high hero bounty. Buffed negative auras a little bit.
Phoenix: Nerfed
New hero: Warlock (3k g, 600 w)
Pocket Factory: Kaboom reduced AoE
Strength: 1=35->25hp
Max Hero Level: 40->50

XP tomes at Bladebane: 300->500 XP
Demon Race: working on it
Stone: Removed True Sight
Base: Added Speed Aura
Bladebane Armors: 50->40 Str Bonus, 50->30 Agi Bonus
Coral Blades droppable
Added new mode: Noob Gold 2


Version 4.f:
Mana flare: It can be canceled, but you have to actively cancel it by clicking on the skill again. Added tooltip hint.
Cloak of Immolation: 35->25 dmg
Summon Tentacle Unit Count 3+0.5 -> 3+0
Reworked Summon Bounty System: 3*unit level + HP/80 if Resistance Skin/Immune/Mechanical/Air * 1.5 (For "small"/"mass" summons, unit level does not correspond to ability level: e.g. Serpent Wards, Tentacles, Reef Elements, Skeletons)
Flame Strike Ultimate: Increased Duration
True Sight Stone: AoE 1800->500
True Sight Summon Owl: 1800->900
Sentry Ward Rune: Duration: Unlimited->300s
Ghost Invisibility: Additional 0.25+0.25 MS increase
Bladebane Armors: 50->40 Str Bonus, 50->30 Agi Bonus
Coral Blades droppable
Added -icon command
Lizard Rage
Harpy: Ultimate: CD 0s, Duration: 1.5+0->1.5+.5
Added No Startcreep Mode
Added -share # command. (-fullshare # already exists)


Changelog 4.0f
(Sunday, 22 March 2015 19:50)
Changes @ max level
Bloodlust 30% -> 25%
Inner Fire 25% -> 20%
War Drums 40% -> 30%
Roar 50% -> 35%
Trueshot + Command Aura 45% -> 40%, Items 15% -> 10%
Devotion Aura Bandit Lords 11 -> 9, Item 8 -> 6
Renunciation Aura Abos -9 -> -8
Unholy Aura 80% -> 55%, Item 25% -> 20%, Naga 15% -> 20%
Endurance Aura 25%/45% -> 24%/32%
Death Tower Aura -12 -> -10
Frost Tower Aura -25% AS+MS -> -15% AS -10% MS
Sapper increased size by 20%

Furion 15k -> 25k
Archi 12k -> 20k

Noob Gold 30m -> 45m
I improved the mass commands. Units should move smarter now.
« Created: February 10, 2019, 06:52:29 PM by moyack »
Footmen vs Grunts 5.05

by Compit

Best Footmen Vs Grunts Version ever . . . !

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« Last post by yxq1122 on February 10, 2019, 11:20:54 AM »
Now I find an issue: clicking on the menu item: Tesh->About will cause the world editor to lose response.
My JNGP settings are as follows:
Code: [Select]
[b]JNGP Status[/b]
[i]2019/2/11 0:15:24[/i]
[code]Operative System:
 - Windows Version: Windows NT
 - 32 or 64 Bits: 64 Bits

Video Card Information:
 - Device String:Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
 - Device Name:\\.\DISPLAY1
 - Device Key:\Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{6C97B43D-E677-4B60-8B73-36D9BABB27D0}\0000
 - Device ID:PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0A16&SUBSYS_170D1043&REV_0B

Warcraft III Current Settings:
 - WC3 Path: D:\Warcraft III\
 - War3.exe location: D:\Warcraft III\\war3.exe
 - War3.exe version:
 - JNGP WC3 Path: D:\Warcraft III\
                 (Perfect match: JNGP read correctly WC3 path)
 - Path was forced? NO

Jass NewGen Pack Information:
 - Version: 2.0.10
 - Blizzmod Folder: D:\Warcraft III\修改器与部分RPG攻略\JNGP\JNGP_209\blizzmod
 - Multi Loader Status:
   > Executable: YES
   > Library DLL: YES
   > Config File: NO
 - Custom Menu Settings:
   > Config file: NO
   > LUA Menu: YES
   > Current LUA Menu code:

=== TEXT START ===
--|   Automated menu script    |
--|     made by JNGP 2.0       |
--|  For bug reporting visit:  |
--|  |
--   Last update:
--   15/05/2016 09:05:44 p.m.

function MNUWC3Optimizer()
  wehack.runprocess("blizzmod\\MTT.exe --command=0")

MNUWC3Optimizerm = MenuEntry:New(jngpm,"WC3 Optimizer...",MNUWC3Optimizer)

==== TEXT END ====
wTc / Page Information
« Last post by wTc[JediMaster] on February 10, 2019, 11:14:14 AM »

Welcome to the official page of the Clan wTc.


Who we are?

We are an adept community to Wacraft 3, which develops and host our maps Footmen vs Grunts (FvG) and Hero Push (HP). Our Clan is located in Northrend.

If you wanna join our Clan visit our Channel: Clan wTc on Northrend (Europe)

Staff & Developers

wTc[JediMaster] - ChieftainwTc[Dragon] - ShamanwTc[Apocalypse] - ShamanGoMinGo - ShamanwTc[VenDetTa] - Shaman
wTc[Dragon] - Hero PushCompit - Footmen vs GruntsHartog - Retired (HP)

Our Games


Site Discussion / Re: Markdown Text 101 for Discord
« Last post by moyack on January 31, 2019, 10:16:57 PM »
Added spoiler tag :D
Warcraft III Resources / Re: Warcraftt III old files
« Last post by moyack on January 15, 2019, 08:40:11 PM »
Reign of Chaos Beta
Site Discussion / Re: WC3 Modding Information Center Hosting Program
« Last post by moyack on January 13, 2019, 11:12:01 PM »
Updated hosting information :)
Vivir - A place for learning stuff, in Spanish   Chaos Realm - The world of Game modders and wc3 addicts   Diplo, a gaming community - The JASS Vault + vJASS and Zinc   Jetcraft - A Starcraft II mod   WormTastic Clan (wTc)