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WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« Last post by reydella on February 14, 2020, 08:57:29 PM »

Thank you for looking into this! Let me know when you have a solution!
WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« Last post by moyack on February 14, 2020, 08:36:22 PM »

Does anyone know how to update the WC3 map editor from something other than 1.21? I have WC3 1.26a installed right now, but when I go to the extended editor it keeps reverting back to 1.21. The "wc3 version patcher" opens up the correct window, but says "patch not found. please download it." When i download the patch, it says " has been downloaded". No option for installing like in the tutorial photos.

Thanks for your help <3
Hi @reydella

Well, this feature is bugging due some issues with the server. I need to reset the files in order to make it functional again. Let me see what I can do for this.
WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« Last post by reydella on February 12, 2020, 10:03:25 PM »

Does anyone know how to update the WC3 map editor from something other than 1.21? I have WC3 1.26a installed right now, but when I go to the extended editor it keeps reverting back to 1.21. The "wc3 version patcher" opens up the correct window, but says "patch not found. please download it." When i download the patch, it says " has been downloaded". No option for installing like in the tutorial photos.

Thanks for your help <3
Warcraft III Maps / Re: Crazy F Battle
« Last post by GhxBronie on February 09, 2020, 08:06:30 PM »
Hi Moyack. Thanks for the welcome  ;D

Answering your question, yes it is. I tested this map on WC3 Reforged Graphics and the game itself and works normally. The unique "glitches" are the size of some models, the custom FX don't work adequately and the Cinematic UI.

Greetings  :D
Warcraft III Maps / Re: Crazy F Battle
« Last post by moyack on February 09, 2020, 08:02:15 PM »
Hi @GhxBronie !!

Welcome to Wc3 Your presentation is clean and clear. Very good information. Remember you can set a changelog in the post settings to keep a concise idea about newer versions in the map.

I took the freedom to set the map link for the download button. This one should be updated for every update you do. About the terrain screenshots, if you want, you can upload here to improve the fingerprint in the web.

Is this map working on reforged with no glitches??
Warcraft III Maps / Crazy F Battle 1.2
« Last post by GhxBronie on February 09, 2020, 05:40:08 PM »
Version: 1.2.0
Keywords: Crazy, Battle, Crossover, Arena, Anime, Cartoon, Wagon, Boss, Team, Captain
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Co-op (Cooperative)
Category: Assault, Defense, Minigame, Arena
Tilesets: Cityscape
Players: Minimum players: 4
Maximum players: 6
Rating: 4.5
Warcraft III Map
Version [1.2]

-Chars Models now has the complete Attachments.

Boss Mode:
-Fixed: The Quest don't have chars banned from South Dragon. Now it has.
-Spongebob is banned against normal Bosses (except Chuck Norris)
-Sans is banned against normal Bosses (except Chuck Norris)

Wagon Mode:
-Lord Uxtron is banned.


- Adolf Hitler:
Spell [Q] increases its Casting Time from 1.5 to 2.19.

- Ancient Hydra:
Spell [E] receives a Spell Effect (He can't be healed by some healing sources).

- Astaroth:
Spell [Q] Summon can't be healed by some healing sources.

- Black Sky:
Spell [Q] increases its Spell DPS from 25 to 33.

- Black Werewolf:
Set his armor from 10 to 25
His armor type is changed from Large to Unarmored.

- Bryan Freddy:
Spell [R] can't interrupt the Pause Status for Spell [Q].

- Chaos Gladiator:
His HP Regeneration is increased from 10 to 15.

- Emina Modnar:
Fixed the Fatal Error when he gains Hostile Cleaners Buff.
Spell [R] receives a Spell Effect (He can't be healed by some healing sources).

- Freddy Krueger:
Spell [E] increases its Duration from 6-12 to 6-10 + Caster's Level.
Spell [E] has 2 Music Themes from Nightmare on Elm Street.

- Forgotten Cleaner:
Spell [Q] can't affect units with Artillery Attack and Machines Unit.

- Guardian of Souls:
His Mana Points is increased from 2000 to 2500.
His MP Regeneration is increased from 5 to 10.
Spell [Q] now deals Chaos Damage.
Spell [W] gains the Unique Points for every unit affected by this Spell.
Spell [W] increases its CD from 2.2 to 3.8.
Spell [W] reduces the Unique Points Bonus from 3-8 to 1-3.

- Jason Voorhees:
Spell [Q] Mana Burn is decreased from 25% to 15%.

- Jar Jar Binks:
Spell [Q] doesn't affect Machines Units.
Spell [W] Tooltip now shows the MS Bonus
Spell [W] fixed the Jump Bug if he loses the Buff.

- Jim Raynor:
Spell [Q] can target Summoned Units.
Spell [Q] can't target Machines Units.

- Koyaa Nisqatsi:
Spell [E] can't target Summoned Units.

- Laika Stealheart:
Spell [F] can't steal Muark Diomedes Spell [Q]

- Lord Uxtron:
Spell [E] Fixed (again) with Knockback Spells.
Spell [E] decreases its AOE from 225 to 180.

- Majoras Mask:
Spell [Q] doesn't affect Machines Units.

- Masked One:
Spell [Q] doesn't affect Machines Units.

- Moonshin Avatar:
Spell [W] changes his Sound and its Duration is reduced from 7.5 to 7.25

- Muark Diomedes:
Spell [Q] cancels the Channeling if the Target is a Illusion or a Pause Unit.

- Murgloc Abismalter:
Spell [W] can't target Summoned Units.

- Seto Kaiba:
His Health Points is decreased from 800 to by 680.
His Summons are classified to Heroic Units.
- Heroic Units can be affected by some Spells, Buffs, Debuffs.

- Sans:
Spell [Q] increase its Cast Range form 800 to 2000.
Spell [Q] increase its CD form 0.5 to 0.75

- Sir Trolazo:
He has improved Sounds to his Spell [Q], Spell [W] and Spell [E].

- Puppet Master:
He has Machine Classification.

- Thanos:
Spell [W] can affect Machines Units.

- The Shredder:
Now has Sounds to his Spell [Q], Spell [W], Spell [E], Spell [R] and his Death.
Spell [W] can affect Machines Units.
« Created: February 09, 2020, 05:40:08 PM by GhxBronie »
« Last Edit: March 13, 2020, 04:51:03 PM by GhxBronie »
Created by Karnwield Maps. Improved by GhxBronie

Map Info

It's a Hero Arena and Deathmatch map with many Characters created by the Team and some famous Chars like Cartoons, Anime and old or new Memes.
You don't need farm gold or buy items to fight, the unique requirement is picking a char into of 168 Characters in total, selecting a Plus Passive (F1) and fight against your enemies, but if you Char dies, you will choose another one.

Map Features

This map has 4 Game Modes to play, every game mode changes the game style, assigns your allies and enemies and disables some Chars. These game modes are:

- Hero Arena: You need to Kill another players to obtains Points. It can be a FFA match or a Team Match.
The Player 2 can choose the Battle Stage and the Victory Points (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 Points. Team Modes multiply it by 2.5).

- Treasure Mode: You need to caught a treasure called Glyph of Colossus to brings it into the Colossus Altar to win this match. But the temple's way has many Guardians who will stop your objective. Everyone are enemies.
The Player 2 can activate the Tutorial to see the Treasure and the Victory Point.

- Boss Mode: You need to defeat a Boss in less of 10 minutes to obtain the Victory. If you want a True Challenge, you can pick the Gul'dan Quest, it consists to fight against the five Bosses of this map per round in less of 50 Minutes. Everyone are allies.
The Player 2 can choose the Boss or the Quest Mode.

- Wagon Mode: The Blue team need to escort the Cage to the Temple in less than 20 minutes and the Green Team need to prevent it from moving forward in less than 20 minutes. It's like Overwatch Payload.
The Player 2 can activate the Tutorial.

- Captain Mode: The Blue and Green Player will ban 12 Characters per turn. Also, every player will Pre-Pick a character. The match will start when everyone do a Pre-Pick or lose his turn to do it.[/COLOR]
The Player 2 need to write a secret command to active.

-TRTM50BA: Team Mode | 50 Kills | Big Arena
-RTM150MA: Team Mode | 150 Kills | Medium Arena
-RTM150BGA: Team Mode | 150 Kills | Big Arena
-RTM150BBA: Team Mode | 150 Kills | Brawl Arena

When the Host is choosing the Game Mode, the rest of players can see it and suggest the game configuration.

- Test Mode: Try up to 100 Chars with special Items. Only avaliable for Player 2.
You need to write in the initial area: /test
After it, The commands will shown once the Mode.


Terrain Album:


Gameplay Album:


3D Models:
-Grendel, KAIL333XZ, Mythic, HerrDave, SonsOfSami, Jhotam, Paillan, Freddyk, HappyTauren, AlienAntFarm, JesusHipster, olofmoleman, The_Spellweaver, WhiteDeath, Kuhneghetz, brucelee, Nasrudin, UgoUgo, Frankster, JetFangInferno, epsilon, Walle, D.O.G., HappyCockroach, Tranquil, NhazUl, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Kitabatake, NewbieMapper, nGy, Hexus, Suselishe, HS2, RED BARON, Hnazo, 00110000, Champara Bros, icewolf055, Callahan, Thrikodius, Power, Dionesiist, Gluma, BossGengar, stan0033, Direfury, KILLCIDE, Mr.Goblin, FerSZ, Murlocologist, BoatyMcBoatface300, Frotty, Azsure, Loboproto, Rubellu Sidus, Hayate, Misha, Grey Knight, kangyun, Tauer, Hermit, PROXY, gotenkz, Illidan(Evil)X, Casper the Friend, Antinous, xYours, Tarrasque, Sellenisko, The Weird Human, Mike, purparisien, Aquis, levigeorge1617, Kwaliti, MistAssass, ChaosXV, General Frank, Directive255, MN Lahmar, Norinrad, AhhFreshWeeD, 4eNNightmare, GhostThruster, alfredx_sotn, Deolrin, Team Green Quality, Ayane, Daelin, kellym0, sPy, xYours Trulyx, DCrimson, Bloody_Turds, Darky29, Jhonny Janbo, Pyritie, DeadEnd123, M_Exanime, DCrimson, Otherknownoise, Razer!X, SuPa-, Kino, AlienAtSystem, infrenus, CeDiL, dhguardianes, NatDis, Em!, Jas.per, xyzier_24, Mc !, ratamahatta, ILH, s4nji, valkemiere, Weep, Talon the Mage, nhocklanhox6, PrinceOfFame, dtnmang, PeeKay, Zephyrius2412, Lord_T, Boogles, Geries, The Leader, ViralHatred, GreyArchon, Dubey, XDogg, EdwardSwolenToe, NexusBlizzard, Pvt.Toma, Pyramidhe@d, Pyramidhe@d, Alex, cotd333, Lichkings slave, 3DReactor, Storm_PCF, assasin_lord, Nightcrime, Ubernator, imforfun, Metal_Sonic, Infrisios, Judash, Metal_Sonic, Fluff, Callahan, familla, Blood Raven, Chriz., Carrington2k, Zerox, KE, bazeba, Empyreal, ApEJI, Hate, judash137, Destro666, Rvn, RockNGame, Dr, Ker, judash137, IronMaiden, faceless, Kadakash, Nasshard, Redsuitheart, Toby Fox, ZODD, KatzuraRin, Lyrical, Tsuna Sawada, Jack Napier

[I don't know some authors of FX and Chars Models because the website (When i downloaded it) is gone. If someone knows it, i will put him to the credits. Thanks for the compression.]

Textures | UI:
SA Dashie, stan0033, nightelfbuilder, PrincePhoenix, A.R.

Daelin, VaLkYroN, The Panda, Darkfang, UgoUgo, shiiK, 4eNNightmare, bigapple90, Traxamillion, Paladon, PeeKay, Dionesiist, -Grendel, -Berz-, Sin'dorei300, Nealdros, Justicebringer, Hellx-Magnus, viiva, Godslayer, Mr.Goblin, Kimbo, M0rbid, Crabby_Spider, BLazeKraze, Mullar, The_Avenger's_Return, Kawaii Stain, CloudWolf, The_Silent, JollyD, San, ~Nightmare, Hemske, General Frank, Carbot, Bakura Yuri, I3lackDeath, CRAZYRUSSIAN, Biojuju, Mobilize, Anachron, Marcos DAB, Lelling, Tiodor, Stanakin, morbent, Thehive, Public Resource Provider, Freddyk, Kuhneghetz, Volvox, KelThuzad, zbc, Dentothor, Halcyon, Ensemble Studios, MadMax, Mc !, HappyTauren, kola, FrIkY, BETABABY, PrinceYaser, NFWar, ~Void~, Praytic, bloodyroadkill, L_Lawliet,, Cryophoenix, inhuman89, Static, KILLCIDE, Sephiroth_VII, Azazzello [XGM], Kazzo, Murlocologist, genin32, AlienArsonist, Juice_F, Revolve, Palaslayer, DonDustin, In_kam, XDogg, Legal_Ease, Banzay89, 238226, Eldin HawkWing, Mad, Golden-Drake, Scias, kangyun, SilverEx, darkdeathknight, Zeverens, Maxwell, SkriK, GhostThruster, AndrewOverload519, nightelfbuilder, Wildfire, Heinvers, Sorenkj, Elfsilver Lord, Nudl9, HappyCockroach, Huinipachutli, Kingluis, 00110000, SexYFrostWyrM, stonneash, havard1993, Chen

Spells | Systems:
JeffreyQ, Rmx, -Berz-, Roflcoptor, f0rsAk3n, Paladon, Kisame, G00dG4m3, NocturnX, Aradar, Nightmare Moon, NFWar, looking_for_help, maddeem, Bribe, WyrmSlayer, Losam, Rheiko, quiqee, NightSkyAurora, TheBeautifulPeople, baassee, Empirean, xyzier_24, millzy, Quilnez, Shark_4_you, nookaiser, Tachimaru, KoleshyEngine, Adram, Marcos_M, _STRONG_, Distor, Napo, armando368, Paillan, ReDoCkZ.

Publisher Notes

- Karnwield Maps (the original creator) gives me permission to upload his map.
- This map has IA (It's very aggressive against new Players but don't have a defensive strategy)
- Loading Screen Time has a delay of 1-3 minutes.
- The main reason to protect this map is to reduce the delay on Loading Screen, when i play this map unprotected (for example in a Testing Situation), it has a delay of 15-20 minutes.
- I never play it Full House, so if you find a Bug with that condition, notify me.
- This map is not adapted for Reforged HD Graphics. I'm working in it.
Topic updated
Hello my dear WC3 Community:

Today I have some mixed feelings, and I need to be honest about the (delayed) launch of WC3 Reforged. After the high hype caused by Activision Blizzard about this game, and many promises done, we've encountered nice things: the main intro totally remade, ok. The initial RoC cinematic... hype and hype AND!!!!!! .... no, just the classic cinematic but with 4K resolution. (I don't have 4K displays so itwas the same for me). Well.... No problem, but we hope to get some action with the campaign. Well, it looked nice (again), but there was practically NO changes at all in the map structures, a total replacement of doodads, models and other stuff we know is not tricky to adjust to make it feel different. But probalby because it was the tutorial cinematic, in the human campaign we will see the big amount of changes... no, no changes, just nicer models for all the assets in WC3. No compromises with the community, a cheap effort to trick our eyes.

So in essence, the feeling is simple: we paid as minimum $29.99 just to get new models, more detailed? just to have a repaint?? we were happy with the classic feeling, in fact many users with some knowledge in World Editor are capable to do that with more quality. We only see nice models plus the adjustments of camera to make great zoom in's to detail how nice a footman sways his sword.

We're in a gaming time where players appreciate the idea "less is more", model quality does not mean directly game quality, and much less for users like us. We're more exigent. And the proof of that can be seen in metacritic where, at the moment of publishing this post, the user rating was 0.5 / 10 (we don't read the others because they can be manipulated by companies, like Activision).

Let's me share some videos about this feeling:

About WC3 modding with Reforged

Now entering to the purpose of this site, I think is mandatory to make a halt and discuss about what can we do with the new rules imposed is custom games. First of all, Blizzard has changed the policy to adapt to the new reforged era, and this brings a new condition which can be dangerous for our purpose, that's the matter that we have to measure.

Ownership Custom Games are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Blizzard. Without limiting the foregoing, you hereby assign to Blizzard all of your rights, title, and interest in and to all Custom Games, including but not limited to any copyrights in the content of any Custom Games. If for any reason you are prevented or restricted from assigning any rights in the Custom Games to Blizzard, you grant to Blizzard an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, unconditional, royalty free, irrevocable license enabling Blizzard to fully exploit the Custom Games (or any component thereof) for any purpose and in any manner whatsoever. You further agree that should Blizzard decide that it is necessary, you will execute any future assignments and/or related documents promptly upon receiving such a request from Blizzard in order to effectuate the intent of this paragraph. To the extent you are prohibited from transferring or assigning your moral rights to Blizzard by applicable laws, to the utmost extent legally permitted, you waive any moral rights or similar rights you may have in all such Custom Games, without any remuneration. Without limiting Blizzard’s rights or ownership in the Custom Games, Blizzard reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to remove Custom Games from its systems and/or require that a Custom Game developer cease any and/or all development and distribution of a Custom Game. Please note that your Blizzard account can be subject to disciplinary action in event that you do not comply with Blizzard’s request or this Policy.

I'll give more detail and discuss about this matter, but you can feel free to keep a serious conversation about this topic important for our interest.

New stuff:

After some days, Blizzard expressed its first message after all the issues, hate and disappointment in this reforged starting. Here's what they say:

Quote from: Kaivax @blizzard forums
Hail War3 Players,

We’ve been following the discussions the past couple days and want to thank you for your feedback as well as your support. First off, we want to say we’re sorry to those of you who didn’t have the experience you wanted, and we’d like to share our plans for what’s coming next.

There were a few hours during launch day where we experienced server-load issues that impacted players’ ability to jump right in, but we were able to resolve those later in the day. Separate from that, we’ve seen community feedback about different aspects of Reforged that we wanted to take some time to address.

Before we go on: the team is excited that Warcraft III: Reforged is finally upon us and we’re fully committed to supporting the game for a long time to come. The next few patches and updates we’ll discuss below are just part of our ongoing plans. This game is an integral part of the Blizzard DNA, with a team that loves Warcraft III, and we’re looking forward to pouring our hearts into Reforged and the Warcraft III community for the long term.

One of the concerns with Reforged that we’ve seen are the visuals when selecting Classic Mode. We’ve identified the bug causing the colors and shading to look different from the original Warcraft III, and we’re testing a fix that will be incorporated in a larger patch addressing this issue and others. We expect to release that late this week. The patch will also address many other known issues, such as fixing some portrait animations and audio bugs, implementing some UI fixes, and more. Please keep an eye out for the patch notes for a detailed list of all the bug fixes.

Another area of concern we’re seeing is regarding online features such as leaderboards and clans, which applies to all Warcraft III players, including those who haven’t purchased Reforged. At BlizzCon we talked a lot about how the team is actively working on standing up the back-end to ensure a smooth transition to this new MMR system, much like we did with StarCraft: Remastered. As with Remastered, these and other features will be included in a major patch for Reforged, which will also address the issue for players of the original game. We’ll share release plans as work progresses in the coming weeks—please be assured that the team is hard at work on standing these features up.

There are some individual concerns we’ve seen that we’re not currently planning to address and we wanted to give the community a heads-up. As of Version 1.30 of the original game, we saw very low usage of tournaments and of the Reign of Chaos ruleset, so we removed both in mid-2019 (in Version 1.31). Eliminating the maintenance for underused elements has helped us streamline our overall support of the game and focus on areas impacting the most players. That said, we do anticipate that players who prefer Reign of Chaos will find custom games with similar rulesets, which we hope will help satisfy that concern.

Related to that, as we talked about last year at BlizzCon, we did not want the in-game cutscenes to steer too far from the original game. We went a little deeper into the thought process behind that at the show, but the main takeaway is that the campaigns tell one of the classic stories in Warcraft history, and we want to preserve the true spirit of Warcraft III and allow players to relive these unforgettable moments as they were (albeit rebuilt with new animations and the higher fidelity art).

We know this update doesn’t address all questions, but we’re committed to the development and support of this game. We hope you’ll keep an eye out for this week’s patch and future updates and let us know what you think as we continue fine-tuning things. Until then, thank you as always for your support and passion for Warcraft III. We appreciate all your feedback and will continue to keep the Warcraft III community updated on everything we’re working on.


The Warcraft III: Reforged Team
Definitely, Blizzard DOES NOT recognize its responsibility in this failure. They say:
we want to say we’re sorry to those of you who didn’t have the experience you wanted
But they actually started all the high expectations with the presentation of the game in 2018. Even worse, they still keep in its main page the link to the youtube video showing us the improved cinematics that never has come.

Here's the proof:
Site News & Updates / Warcraft 3 Reforged: A new age for our wc3 community
« Last post by moyack on January 28, 2020, 09:05:05 PM »

Hello my dear WC3 Community:

Today IS the day, 28/01/2020 is the day when Warcraft 3 starts a new era: we're now in Reforged mode!!!

If you haven't bought Reforged... what are you waiting for??

After a long time been in beta mode, and taking more time then promised, we have this new awaited version with a huge hype for testing the old and well remembered WC3 campaign, with new cinematics (hopefully), new interface, new model style and much more to get impressed (we hope so)...

(Psst... probably you can notice I haven't finished downloading the game)

What's the new stuff? let me show you:

Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes
Version 1.32 – January 28, 2020

Relive the events of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne with Warcraft III: Reforged. Experience the epic origin stories of Warcraft, now more stunning and evocative than ever before, with vivid recreations of every hero, unit, building, and environment.

Battle .net
  • Install, update, and launch Warcraft III from the Blizzard Battle .net app.
  • Includes integrated Groups and Chat.

  • Restored three prologue missions from the original Warcraft III Demo: Riders on the Storm, The Fires Down Below, and Countdown to Extinction.
  • Updated terrain, mission difficulty, and added auto-saves for all missions.
  • Updated art and layout of major cities from three of Warcraft’s iconic cities: Dalaran, Silvermoon, and Stratholme.
  • Updated all campaign characters and visual assets.

  • Equip hero skins, choose your favorite portrait, and browse unlockable campaign and matchmaking rewards.

  • Locale support added for Spanish (Latin America) and Portuguese (Brazil).
  • Locale support updated for Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish (Spain).

Menus and Options
  • Added “Grid” or traditional hotkey layouts.
  • New gameplay settings for unit health bars, team colors, hero status bars, and cooldown display.
  • Classic Account linking to keep your historic wins.
  • Legacy accounts will expire in 90 days, so link as soon as possible.
  • Toggle between Classic and Reforged mode for graphics and campaign content.

Versus - Competitive Matchmaking
  • Queue for heads-up battle with the new matchmaking system for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or 4-person “Free For All” melee.
  • Create your group and join 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 together.

Known Issues:

Updated January 28, 2020

Please read on for a list of known issues that we’re working on, and further information about the update.

  • The Loading screen may transition to a black screen if other players are taking longer to load.
  • Ancients ordered to Root do not have a placement sprite.
  • Structures or units that go through an upgrade or transformation do not abide by the rules of ally color mode.
  • Logging in and then out may cause issues with Campaign save data location (game may think you are a new player and start a new save location).
  • We recommend you restart the game after a lost connection.
  • Non-latin characters may overlap at times in campaign dialogue.
  • Custom Maps greater than 256mb will break game lobbies.
  • An error will occur when trying to save options in Offline Mode.
  • The game does not transition gracefully when changing resolution while in Fullscreen.
  • Command + Tab will help achieve the proper aesthetic and correct a related issue with drag select.
  • Custom Keybinds don’t work with non-US keyboards.
  • You are unable to invite friends to play a custom game when playing cross platform.
  • Menu UI experiences low performance at 1440p and above.
World Editor
  • JassHelper doesn’t close when the World Editor is closed.
  • A few Reforged neutral units are invisible.
  • A few doodads are using placeholder cubes.
General Help and WC3 Discussion / Re: Making the World Editor usable!
« Last post by moyack on January 27, 2020, 04:38:56 PM »
The codes are gibberish from the editor itself no real logic there as far as i see xD
Might be a tutorial yes. I could add a tiny tutorial where to adjust the settings and why i did it.
yes, It would be nice, and this could be a good tutorial for something that nobody knows how to implement.
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